Thursday, August 17, 2006

a new look

I needed this.
I have needed this for 6...8...ok 12 months.

I do not understand why I can not spend money on a haircut, but I can spend money on wool.

I promise that I will go back in 6 weeks and get a trim, I will probably forget, so I have put a reminder in my diary, I will probably ignore my diary, so I have made a follow-up appointment. I will not break the appointment...sometimes I have to trick myself into caring for myself.

I also bought new make-up, shoes - with heels, I haven't worn heels since I was 20...reason?
1. I am already tall, I like being tall...but not freakishly so
2. I like being able to walk away, I like being independent, I cannot stride in heels, in heels if I am unhappy, I feel like I have to stamp my foot like a child in a temper, heels make me feel dependent.
3. heels make me feel feminine and sexy...I am starting to feel ok about this one.

they aren't high,high heels - that is the path of foolishness and back problems, and I have bought 3 different kinds of gel pad to ensure pain-free standing.

no I am not contemplating a romantic affair.
this skirt, worn under this dress, with a little silk chiffon cardi in fuschia, all from one of my favourite laaaadies shops and an aqua parasol to protect me from the sun.

The reason for the frivolity? a bush race meeting in Queensland for Flash's work, an invite from a customer who can't be ignored. I can't wait - I get to dress up and see horses, if I thought I could get away with knitting a bit too I would be ecstatic!

here you go Cindy - see not high at all!