Thursday, August 03, 2006

has it been that long?

I am tired, not because I live above the busiest road in Australasia, I can cope with that, nearly 2 years without double glazing or adequate shades on the 18 ft high windows has given me the ability to sleep almost anywhere, but because Wednesday night is student night at the local pub, Flash and I are awoken every wednesday night by screaming, wailing, cackling, yelling drunk people - the police can't help anymore, unless the revellers are interfering with our property, so we put up with their supermarket trolley races, their attempts to direct traffic and the resultant high speed braking and verbal abuse, and their very audible protestations of love or distaste, oh and the vomiting.

I awoke at 1.30 this morning, to what sounded like gunshot, when Flash peered over the balcony he saw it wasn' was our next door neighbour throwing $2 coins at our windows from the street below, he had forgotten his swipecard and his girlfriend wasn't answering the intercom. I am afraid that "ok mate" was not one of the phrases Flash used.

So, this morning I am sloping around in pjs, drinking tea at 8am, and posting instead of doing housework, I am considering taking the day off and wandering into the city for a visit to Kinokuniya and to run some errands, after days of swatching for some new ideas I need to be away from knitting for a few hours. I will leave you with a wee cardi knitted this week for the soon-to-be son of one of Flash's workmates.