Tuesday, April 24, 2007

2 days early 5 days late

(for Friday round up - I realised I missed last week - what can I say, I broke my bottom)

- Knit Rangers - once again small but perfectly formed, 2 attendees, 2 apologies, and 4 apologies later from people who assumed that I, Jussi. would.miss.knitting.because.I.broke.my.bum

never, never, never assume.

We are meeting again this Sunday between 2- 4 pm at the Packing shed.

- I spent last week sleeping, and knitting on the Hourglass sweater, I now know just exactly how many rows of stocking stitch it takes to drive me to despair, and then round the corner into agony and regret...and it is a surprisingly low number.

- Speaking of agony and despair, I have a copy of "Friday night knitters club" which I would like out of my house, I paid good money for it, so don't want to put it out with the rubbish, the first person to tell me when I will be off crutches can have it, and like the delightful Donna, who gave me the book recycling idea, I'll even pay for the shipping. Ok, so I can't expect you all to be p-sychic, in the comments tell me when Frasier's birthday is instead, the first correct guess gets it (it's sometime in November)

- my bottom isn't really broken, I can't remember the technical terms (the 2 very wonderful physios were explaining it to me as they tag teamed me, I nodded and "yupped" a lot but was in too much pain to take it in) something in my L sacro-iliac joint has rotated, and the relevant muscle has gone into spasm, the physio is working extremely well, as are the exercises I have been given. I am back at work this week, and enjoying not sleeping all day.

- Just Jussi, is just lovely, I have decided to go with an evolving range rather than " 2 collections a year plus resort wear" I just don't design within that structure, I start with a barrage of ideas, modify and work with them, follow them to other places, then refine them, I think most are reasonably classical and prefer to work with a continuous long term range. I have worked a lot with de-structuring, and have a couple of nice garments come out of that exploration, but the thing I was really looking for, the draped, pleated neckline, is not working at a commercial level, I have acheived what I wanted, but the time it takes is unworkable, still it has led me into other directions. I have a couple of sweet tunic style dresses which I hope to have up soon, and a funnel neck sweater which is the perfect vehicle for the naturally dyed organic merino.

- If you would like a Frasier fix, go here, I am too ashamed to put this on the blog - yes, he is the "Posterboy for "pathetic"" and no he wasn't taken away from his Mummy too early.

- Finally, a big smile to my husband...background - I don't like tattoos, never wanted one, and didn't really like Flash's, but they are part of him, yadda yadda.

While escorting Blaise to the tattoo parlour to have a small ladybird etched onto her upper thigh (the thigh that grew in my womb for 8 months and 12 days, the thigh that I fed, clothed and sought medical treatment for for sixteen years - can't keep that Jewish ancestry down) anyway, that's another post.

One of the main problems I have with Flash's tats, is that two of them were done to celebrate his previous 2 weddings (yes I'm the lucky third Mrs Flash) and have his ex-wives names on them, one was acided out, the other inked over, but I can see the names, particularly the inked out one, and that bit. He has offered in the past to get a new tattoo over his heart with my name in it, I always refused as I didn't want him to have any more, it wasn't that big of a deal.

The dear man decided to share Blaise's pain, and had the offending tattoo touched up in pretty colours, and a change made - thus:

he's a keeper.