Thursday, April 19, 2007


going on here, just sleeping and physio.

To update- the first GP (locum) (after telling him I couldn't walk and the pain is intense)
you have bruised your hip, here are some antibiotics for your excema (it got infected) come back if your hip is still sore in 10 days, are you sure it didn't hurt when you first fell over?

The A&E doctor - you have put your back out, why didn't the first GP give you painkillers?, I have to check the first GP didn't give you painkillers in case you are double-dipping (you crazy drug-seeking housewife) are you sure it didn't hurt when you first fell over? I don't understand why the pain would be getting worse.

The physio- you have sprained the (?) muscle in your sacro-iliac area, the more you walk the more it goes into spasm, thats why the pain has been getting worse, here is a stretch, and some massage, come back in 2 days.

guess which one I trust, and yes, the stretch is working, I am feeling a lot better, thanks for the kind wishes, I will return to knitting content shortly.

Funny cat story: Frasier has been sleeping on me the whole time I have been laid up, he looooves water, I left my makeup brushes soaking in the ensuite sink one night, and later on was awoken when a soaking wet Frasier decided to tell me how much he loved me, and was smooching up against my face and head butting me. nice.