Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday round up

So last sunday I slipped on the front step, whilst trying to close the front door, and fell straight down on my arse, I got up, dusted myself down, and carried on - after all, falling down, bumping into things, smacking my head, these are things I do on a regular basis, I am no graceful swan.

I carried on with my day, Flash and I were doing outdoor work, I built the first of two built up, no dig vegie gardens, and I am very proud of the result, my herb garden was doing so well, that I was encouraged to carry on.
Tuesday morning I felt a slight twinge in my hip during the day, but tuesday night - man! the pain was intense, if natural childbirth was a 10, this was an 8, I didn't want to go to a 24 hr clinic because experience tells me they will say "take 2 panadol and get some rest" after a 4 hour wait surrounded by puking toddlers and old men coughing up their last lung, so I went downstairs and squirmed on the couch, watching SKY with Blaise, and finally fell asleep around 3 am. Whe I awoke the next morning I grabbed some panadeine at the chemist, booked an appointment with my GP, and carried on, GP says keep taking the painkillers and come back in 10 days if still sore, meanwhile the pain has spread to my shoulder, hence the lack of blogging enthusiasm.
Flash has taken off for the warm beaches ofTahiti, and left me here to freeze, but a new toy arrived today, via Trademe, $60 for a complete print gocco kit, Blaise is excited too, this will be a great addition to her repetoire, she is taking photography this year and loving it. I also bought the book "The loving stitch" for $30 on Trademe, had been searching for it for ages, then suddenly there it was, Trademe is great, it's just like ebay 5 years ago!

The Knit Rangers are meeting again at 2pm this sunday, at the Packing Shed, 99 Parrs Cross rd, up the gravel driveway into the orchard, come along, we would love to see you.

Finally, knitting, I have been playing possum, well playing with possum (and merino and silk to be precise) the link is to the website blog,as I am too sore to keep typing, Lara I know you won't be happy, but that's the wonderful world we live in, and there are mitigating factors for the use of possum fur in NZ yarns mmmmmwah!

and final finally - see my silly kitty jumping here