Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday round up

One of Flash's birthday presents, it has a post, now just needs attaching;

For the cocktails at Kuleto's, gnocchi with sage butter at Cicciolina, summer evenings on the roof at Zanzibar, movies at the Dendy and Abby Dabby at the Vanguard, long walks on summer evenings and friday night blow outs.

Hand dyed merino, cochineal and brazilwood, it's not as pink as the photo, more subtle purples and deep rose. I'm thinking another skinny scarf. It's all about the fashion in this house. (gah!)

3 people from the job which must not utter it's name want to come to Knit Rangers, and the cafe have put us in this month's newsletter, this could be the start of something!

Get thee to "Nut and Bee" cute notecards and other paper goods, I got some "Pink tea" cards because they look like Frasier (if he was standing up. drinking tea and a cartoon), "where rainbows come from" for a certain girl with a unicorn addiction, and "polar pickles" for someone else. Very quick service, and a handwritten note - love it!

Last night I bought yet more pyjamas, but then while surfing I found these great Lounge Pants at Nichola's blog,so cool and comfortable, just the ticket for working at home, and not wanting the postie to see you in flannelette!

Have a good Easter