Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday round up

- My dearest, middlest child turned 18 yesterday - Happy Birthday Charlotte!

- Renegade knitter strikes in Wellington!
see this news item about a mystery knitter sending wee jumpers to the local SPCA!

- the Hourglass sweater from "Last minute knitted gifts" (check the erratta here) I have modified it already, I haven't left the hem for slipstitching later, rather I picked up and knitted the cast on sts together with the hemline sts, use 1 slightly larger needle to avoid the hem "flipping" up. I love the colour of this Noro cash iroha number 87, it is the colour of the ocean in winter, perfect with my skin tone. Basically it's a blue blob, I'll post again when it gets interesting.

- my view this morning, I never ever tire of this

- remember if you want to win my hardly used copy of this book, leave a comment guessing the date Frasier was born last november, free postage and I'll pick a winner next week if no one guesses correctly.

- Knit Rangers this sunday 2-4 pm at the Packing Shed cafe 99 Parrs Cross rd Henderson, YES! it is up that gravel drive, and yes you will find parking, don't fret if it looks full, the winery gets a lot of visitors.