Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday round up

Small things: this Ponga (tree fern) shoot has sprouted in our fern garden which occupies the shady space near the steps to the front door.

Small magazine requested a possum beanie for a photo shoot, I was happy to oblige, and very happy with the result, the magazine is stunning, and the editor hardworking and moral - I appreciated her offer to pay postage and return the hats after the shoot, as she understands the financial costs to small business when people ask for "samples" (I have had a few dealings with these opportunists - I hope they do not sleep well) I refused her kind offer, and advised her to keep the beanies for her children, as a thank you for the exposure. I love how the internet can bring our community together in this way.

Coming soon: Mary-Annette Hay - Queen of Wool, exhibition at Te Papa in Wellington I am watching the cheap fares and may just manage to pop down there.

"A Fairytale dress for dancing" a two year old's description of this confection, which I admit is over the top...but then so are two year olds. Knitted from soft cotton it has stretchy side panels and i-cord tie straps so that the 2 year old's dress (shown on a size 1 dummy - it is supposed to be mid-calf length) can be the 4 year old's top.

this is "the yellow blob" and one way or another there will be a pattern available.