Friday, March 04, 2005

checking in

can't talk much...root canal last night...
Received an gorgeous gift from my secret pal, will post photo on sunday when Flash brings camera home., many 25 g size balls of a loopy yarn in a rainbow of colours...oh I have to take a photo.
anyway, work is GREAT! I am really enjoying it, my co-workers are friendly and helpful, the position is CQI (continual quality improvement) and data entry, eventually I will be ensuring that we provide the highest quality service, at present I am learning the business, and doing data entry. I walk to and from, just a 20 minute walk which will help with the holiday weight gain.
Have continued knitting my socks, in preparation for the regia yarn I bought ( i wanted to practice)

am off to buy kebabs from next door with Blaise and Flash, a bottle of wine, and then settle down in front of "Man on Fire" and " Team America" Knitting group tomorrow,can't wait!