Monday, March 21, 2005

Good monday

Yesterday Flash and I took a roadie up to Newcastle, took some "hopefully" cool photos, Flash is buying a new lead today ( having given up) so fingers crossed!
Where Wollongong is Sydney's Tauranga...Newcastle is it's Hamilton...but with a great beach, with huge waves dashing surfers onto rocky shelves, we saw a flock of 8 pelicans...wowee! the wind and waves were exhilarating, very much like the west coast at home, but it was still Hamilton...I say that although I haven't seen Dubbo or Orange or a million other places it may change.Sunday lunchtime most of the shops were shut, the town centre stretches over a lot more space than necessary, but there was a "Warehouse" the first I have seen since we arrived ( no I did NOT go in!) but it was strangely reassuring to see the sign, I have NZ nostalgia big time, on saturday at SSK I found out that you can get L&P at the New Zealand Natural Stores, and Mary Helen told me about chocolate "fush" with "punk" marshmallow, nummy!
I also discovered that when I use next Noro I will use Alison's "noro interruptus" method rather than the widely touted "noro zen" method where you are advised to "be at peace with the noro" I am afraid that occasionally there is a shade that makes me strangle, and let's be honest, although it is beautiful, and gorgeous and makes us weep with joy, it is not sacred, it is yarn, (please do not flame me) and it can't always be 100% perfect for everybody.
Only up to my 5th drop stitch on the Clapotis, but it is still warm in Sydney, dragged out the yarn charts and started drooling over some cashmere for my next machine knit...a long sleeved fitted cardi with a ballet style scoop neck, maybe with a lace panel on the fronts, and definitely using my vintage style beaded buttons!