Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter excess

Good morning and Happy Easter to all,
2 of my children are doing what no doubt many are doing at this moment...Ipods connected, lying in bed, reading Dolly and eating chocolate...yes the Easter Bunny visited our house, leaving white bunnies for Maria, hokey pokey crunchie eggs for Charlotte, and a little bag of mini cream eggs for Blaise ...has she been a bad bunny? oh no no no, she has marched up to the gym with Flash, smelling of candy floss, as she requested alternative gifts this year, so body spray and talc were delivered instead. There is still 1/2 a carrot cake left from yesterday, and with Blaise as our collective conscience, I will not make an easter cake....however...I may use the excess mini eggs in muffins...1/2 fill the muffin tins, pop in an unwrapped egg, and top up the muffin batter...mmm yummy! and here is a recipe for using up those "Easter Peeps" jellybeans ( have a look at the rest of the site, heaps of cool Easter ideas.)

As an aside, Blaise is fit and eats healthy by choice, she does not have an eating or exercise disorder, as I mentioned long ago, she has a spinal condition which requires her to maintain a healthy weight, her body thinks it is 4 inches taller than it actually is, so she has to weigh less than her body wants to...if that makes sense, thankfully, she has inherited the entire extended family's quota of willpower, so where I can maintain a gym regime for 3 months, or a de-tox for 10 days...she has been to the gym 5 days out of 7 for the past 6 months, she IS the energiser bunny!

In keeping with the bunny theme ( close your eyes if you really believe the dog you had as a child "went to the farm", or as an SSK-er told me "possum fur comes from possums who live on little farms and get brushed every day")
Blaise and I have been longing to see marsupials in the wild since we arrived, the thought of great "long-leggetty beasties" with tails bouncing around the way bunnies do at home has had us staring out of car windows for hours, and finally yesterday we saw our first wild wallaby...dead in a ditch by the side of the road...we all had moist eyes after that...but I suppose it is a common enough sight in the country, and a lot scarier for the driver than the squashed possums and hedgehogs at home in NZ...(.ok ok Kerre Woodham talking about whinging male drivers doesn't have much to do with running over hedgehogs, but I enjoy her columns, so there)

Have a wonderful day friends, family and fellow bloggers, indulge in the excess, remember the message (even if you don't agree with those who deliver it) you have to have faith in something,
Easter is about miracles and mysteries, we all need some of those in our lives.

I am off to Canberra...the National powerhouse, the seat of democracy...I hope they do a decent flat white...or would that be a miracle...( please don't flame me!!! I'm sure the coffee in Canberra is superb!)