Wednesday, March 23, 2005

thanks for the ideas

Thanks for the tips guys, I do enjoy the Sydney Sity Klickers, the knitting group I attend alternate Saturdays in Newtown, I am pretty shy, and keep reasonably quiet, ( although the other knitters are fonts of knowledge about absolutely everything, so all conversations are fascinating) but I could try harder in actually getting some knitting acreage completed.

I had thought of knitting while I walk, but when I mentioned it to Flash he was horrified at the fact that I read while walking, and is worried that I will do myself an injury…what? put my eye out? I don’t think it is anymore dangerous than walking with an I-pod..but it would probably be a lot more ungainly than a book, and I might become the pied piper of Sydney…with all those kitties chasing my yarn.

Speaking of my yummy, but anxious husband, his birthday is this Saturday, and I don’t know what to buy him…so we’ll see if I can manage to knit up a manly vest for him before then, I have a late meeting at work to night, but I have all day friday. The last one I made him was in a cashmere/merino blend in charcoal with a wool/silk blend in a grey marle around the neck and armholes, the pattern is a very simple v-neck, but it looks very smart. Unfortunately I only have black merino on hand, I will check out my LYS to see if they have anything interesting ( oh gosh nice to have a reason to visit!) but, I don’t think I will get away with be-ribboning or beading this manly vest!