Saturday, March 26, 2005

vive le vino!

Flash recieved a letter from his car lease co. advising that he has to use up 1400km in the next 5 days, or pay FBT (tax), so a birthday trip was the order of the day, Charlotte and Maria were working, so once again Blaise was the focus of our affection.

We headed up the Pacific Highway once again, wandered around a bit, and ended up in wine country, starting at Tempus Two ( as the DD I just got to sniff, as the birthday boy Flash got to do the tasting) and moving on ( ok, over the road) to McGuigans, where by chance we stumbled upon their Easter wine sale...McGuigans are a consistent supplier of what my husband calls quaffing wines ( I reckon he quaffs ALL the actor in "Sideways" he is always saying "this ones good") their black label Chardonnay has always done us well, and their Shiraz Rose has more than lived up to expectations, we came away with heavy arms ( 2 dozen mixed) and a wallet that was not as light as could be expected in this situation, the birthday boy bought some sample bottles ( airplane size) and a glass, and thoroughly enjoyed being chauffered home....until I took a left without him noticing...and guess who was wearing the red...well, it wasn't him! All the way home I was terrified I would be stopped by a breath tester...I REEKED!

(actually I was stopped by one recently, he asked me to count to 10 into the machine, I did, and he laughed and said "actually it's a New Zealander detector"...good to meet a cop with a sense of humour!)

I think we are going to Canberra tomorrow...apparently we have 900 km to go...the vest isn't getting finished, but Clapotis is getting an airing.