Tuesday, March 22, 2005


what is your secret??? how do you manage to combine work and family and knitting?? I need to know, I envy you your time management skills. Do you go to bed at 2 am and wake at 4? Do you pay a contractor to knit for you? or do you have a maid and a nanny?

I manage 2 rows of Clapotis before I walk to work, walk home, cook dinner, sort out the washing, sit with the family to eat, chat with them, chase up homework, permission slips etc, and maybe get a chance to sit down and do another 4-5 rows before my attention is elsewhere, tomorrow's lunches, the gym, evening class...on my walks I dream colourways, stitch combinations, ribbons and beading...half don't even make it into my sketchbook! aha a revelation, so I will take a notebook with me...this blogging is good, like brainstorming in public.

Next problem, time to knit...I had an insight at SSK when they were talking about weaving, and isolation, my knitting machine is in a little room on it's own, I am social, if people are home I want to be with them...answer, lock them out of the house...mmmm nope, answer, book an appointment each day for machine knitting, I am working with my strengths here...I am good at keeping appointments! Hand-knitting, too I will sit with Flash when he watches the news, and I will knit, OMG! another answer, 2 birds with one stone, time with the husband and knitting progress! you guys are GREAT!