Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Blaise has graciously relinquished her claim on the Rosa Mundi socks, instead we are sending them to a friend who needs a bit of cheer right now, I know her feet are small, so I hope these are not to big on her, and that she likes them.

I loved knitting this yarn, the striped effect was not unexpected, but the consistency of the stripes was, I thought the effect would peter out, and flaring would occur, but that only happened on the heel and toe, beginners luck huh!

In return for her generosity, Blaise will be rewarded with this hat, she has been coveting it for a while, luckily for me she doesn't realise that it will be a quick knit, basically a garter stitch rectangle in bulky yarn, with a flat back seam - easy!

I have not replied to most of the people who left such lovely comments after my first foray into handpainting yarn, I apologise, as I have been unwell since returning from NZ, but am well on the road to recovery now. Anyway, please take this as a thank you, I truly appreciate all of your comments, it felt nice to be able to make something that makes other people as happy as it makes me.