Wednesday, March 15, 2006

slings and arrows

The arrows?
Holly's latest socks were boring me silly - so I ripped back, and added an arrowhead lace panel down each side, and if I had known it was this easy I would have done it years ago, I had been worrying about "how to do the purl rows" when I realised, if I chose a lace pattern where all of the action is on the knit rows, then I will be fine, and...I am.

So, to answer some comments from yesterday, the garments are baby dresses (jumpers - for our USA friends), they are my own design, the style, pattern and colourways. I may make the pattern available in the future.

In the meatime, I will be posting the free pattern for this wee plunket neck (envelope)baby singlet (vest,undershirt) in the next week or so ( you all know how long it takes me to write these things up).It is for a newborn and takes 25g (1 oz) of 3 ply yarn, I invented it to use up the skein I handpainted, as the blue was too dark for the project I was dyeing it for.