Thursday, March 09, 2006

winter is coming

Blaise and Charlotte are getting ready

hats as promised, Blaise's is the full length version, knit in handspun, Coco's is a smaller version (she's all about the style) in Grignasco Tyrol in the pink/grey colourway.

Holly, you haven't been forgotten, you are soooo lucky that these Trekking socks are just a little tight for me, because I LOVE them so much, but you get them, on -the-needles at the moment, more socks in Knitpicks sock garden - colourway "Hollyberry" one guess who they are for.

Help needed knitters - Maria thinks anything homemade without a "label" is dorky, - short of knitting a garter stitch scarf and sewing on a surf brand label cut from something old! (cos let's face it - most "label" knitwear isn't that inspiring) I can't find anything to make that she will wear.

Finally - a little on the domestic front, settlement on our Auckland house is today, fingers crossed that their are no final hurdle hiccups,then, no more tenant stress (the tenants in our villa are very reliable) no more mortgage (until we move back and buy another home) no more worry - can I get a YEE-HAW!

update: urgent email received this morning from lawyer in NZ "please advise whereabouts of transfer instrument as not received - need by 12 noon"

reply: "your receptionist Janet has it, we fed-exed it on monday"

just needed that extra little adrenalin boost.