Thursday, March 09, 2006

tweedledum and tweedledee

it is interesting how things turn out

the inspiration for this colourway was a photo of a tree in a lavender field in France - the picture is here and there are loads of other beautiful images at this site.

Both yarns were painted at the same time, with the same dye, cooked together etc.
The smaller ball is rabbit fur (not angora) it took the colour in an impressionistic way, subtle. The merino, on the other hand is anything but subtle, it is in-your-face loud!

this sample is the 3ply merino, still having problems with colour, the white patches are actually a light green.

I am finding this whole process of dyeing different yarns absolutely fascinating, I approach my bench like an alchemist, mixing minute amounts of this and that (don't let the kids catch me - they will want to try it!) and writing the results up like a science experiment, so that I can repeat the colours if I need to.

The house settlement went through, so all is well, and that stress has all gone.