Friday, March 24, 2006


remember those framed prints evey little girl seemed to have in the '70s, the one with the ballet dancers with the big eyes, or maybe you had one of those "southern belle" doll lamps? I didn't have either, I had a poster of Mike Moore on my wall, his electorate office was over the road from my house, and my sister and I used to hang out there on our way home from school, they put up with us, and fed us milo and bikkies, anyway, I digress...

Emily (the blackapple) is an artist who has the cute, doe-eye genre perfected. I have just received an email from her with a photo of her portrait of Blaise, it is so cute I just had to share (Holly if you tell her you will incur my wrath - mind my words if you want Easter eggs this year)

I love the way she managed to include Blaise's monochromatic wardrobe (we hope its a phase), and the fact that one of her eyes is ever so slightly lower than the other. I am planning on portraits of all of our girls, then the back hallway in the Waihi house can be a rogues gallery!