Sunday, September 24, 2006

it's not rocket science

one of the many things my family can agree on, is that watching "Top Gear" is the best way to spend a monday evening, Flash doesn't look sideways when I buy the DVDs, not even the Top Gear winter olympics, and it gives me something to talk about with the white middle class men I meet at his company functions, I especially impressed one recently as he had just boguht the Audi which featured a few weeks ago. I'm not even that into cars, but I am into passion, and these guys have it in spades.

Three years ago Jeremy Clarkson (whom, if he had less chins, would bear a striking resemblance to Flash) wrote "Every week I strap myself into a monstrously powerful car and hurtle round a test track in a blaze of tyre smoke and noise. It's a constant battle with the laws of physics, and that's a dangerous game to play. One day, inevitably it'll end in tears"

and this week it did, well actually it ended in a crash at 450 kph, and thankfully the Richard Hammond (the little guy) survived, and has even taken his first steps, he'll be back behind the wheel, performing stupid boyish stunts, monkeying around with rockets and generally pissing people off in no time.