Wednesday, September 20, 2006

look up

I heart Sydney too

on monday night Blaise, Flash and I took the binoculars and camera up to the roof and waited for the Space station and shuttle to hurtle over our heads, coming from the north west, heading to the south east and passing over the city in 1.5 minutes - we had to keep our wits about us..."is that it?" "is it moving?" "no, thats a plane" it didn't help that our target ended up lining up with the planes for a moment or two until we realised that it was moving quite a bit faster than the planes in their landing pattern. Then we watched transfixed while the large dot passed overhead.
I took photos, but seriously, it's a bright dot against a blue velvet sky, not really bloggable. I got this lovely shot of a cloud to make up for it.
and for Ailsa - I present the first of the confectionary, it is tu-tu much!

the yarn is soft 4ply cotton, the tulle edge is enclosed by the knit, so doesn't scratch, the organic circle appliques are cut from Amy Butler fabric, embroidered with pink and green cotton.

Please let me know what you think, your comments and suggestions have helped me to come up with new ideas and refine existing designs, and I welcome constructive criticism.