Monday, September 04, 2006

on yer bike!

Following on from my post last sunday, we bought the bikes and accessories, Flash had a great time putting the bike rack together and general bike maintainence and enhancement ( insert a Tim the toolman argh argh argh here)

Yesterday it was judgement day, we decided to forgo the M7 cycleway in order to do a test ride, to see how the bikes ( and us) beared up - we used to cycle a lot, but haven't for 2 years and realised that we may be a bit soft. We chose a route around Sydney Olympic park, there are 3 different bike trails and they are wonderful, perfect for families as well as more serious types, they are safe (no road riding) and interesting, with crescents coming off the bike track at places of interest (shipwrecks, lookouts) I took some photos from the bird hide , which would be an amazing place to take interested children.

the paths meander through mangrove forest, grasslands and swamps full of croaking frogs, there are hill climbs and boardwalks, places to picnic, and the convenience of clean loos and cafes.

And really good practice, my thigh muscles woke and said "yeah! that's what I'm talking about" unfortunately my arse did not concur, anyone know of a good brand of gel seat cover?

I helped Flash by holding the camera while he wrangled the bikes.