Saturday, September 02, 2006


it is spring here in the southern hemisphere, and it feels like high summer to this kiwi in sydney, we are making every excuse to go outside and expose ourselves to the sun ( with the sunhat, sunscreen and sunnies of course - this skin will never become leather!) Holly phoned to say that Christchurch is awash with daffodils - spring in the garden city!

I have been sewing, Blaise's monkey backpack is still in the WIP basket, so last night we made a messenger bag from some japanese oxford cloth covered in cartoon pandas - which remind me of that Liam Lynch classic "the panda song" "like the shark the panda has milllions of teeth - the pandas are coming so hide under your bed!
the bag has dogclips for closures and a pocket for her mobile ( so that she can find it when I call her!) she looooves it... I think I have bought myself some time with the backpack.

I saw a handbag roll in Notebook magazine, whilst waiting for the Dr, and thought it was a great idea, I use 4 different bags depending on the outing, black handbag, cream handbag, backpack and knitting satchel, the handbag roll has a place for all of your essentials - phone, key, that you just have to move the roll from bag to bag.

works well, but not tall enough, back to the drawing board.

So anyway, spring is here, and I have been struck with the desire to make confections - little knitted peices bedecked with ribbons and lace, handdyed and embroidered with flowers, the laces will remain white this weekend, until I get the family out of here come monday morning!

thank you for all of your messages of support, I am half way through answering the comments, and am so grateful to know such lovely people.