Sunday, September 10, 2006


we flew to Brisbane yesterday morning, and drove to visit Gordon's sister, who was visiting her daughter outside of Brisbane, after lunch and a nice long catch up we drove up to Noosa Heads and arrived late afternoon, we have a great room overlooking the pool complex, I am sitting outside typing this, flocks of lorikeets and the odd swallow flying overhead and a cheeky mynar bird perched on the railing singing for a treat.

Last night we had the usual meet and greet, cocktails and dinner, shaking hands and kissing babies...aarrgghhhh! the politics of these things drives me nuts, but I'm good at sucking it up.

Today Flash had to work, so I went for a stroll through the park, where I met this guy, he was very disappointed that I had no food with me, he kept tugging at my backpack, but I told him he wouldn't like cinnamon mints, and that was all I had. Then I caught the river ferry down to the harbour markets - and as luck would have it, the heavens opened and it hailed like mad! I took cover in an italian restaurant, which was seredipitious as I had the best garlic prawn tossed salad I have ever had, and a glass of sav blanc - because I'm on holiday.
I'm back in the hotel, after wandering around the shops, still haven't made it to the beach yet.I was going to drive myself to Australia Zoo today, but I don't get much practice, and I really needed a navigator, so have decided to go with the "wives" on the bus tomorrow, I promise I will play nice, even when they make fun of the knitting - because spending 1 1/2 hours on a bus playing text message tag is SO much cooler - sweetie.
Hope that everyone had a wonderful time at Afternoon tea at the Observatory hotel.