Monday, September 18, 2006

over here on the dark side...

the delightful Rox invited me to the Dishcloth shuffle, I had never knitted one before, but was inspired by the Mason-Dixon book.

in the style of Knitabulous I give you my friday/saturday knitting (ah dishclothes - even more gratifying than socks for those of us who have a short attention span)

the soft one - Bendigo DK cotton in a garter st pattern

the pretty one, 2 ends on Lana Gatto minicaribe cotton in dark and light pink, basketweave pattern from the Vogue Stitchionary volume 1.

The Emily Howard this is my first and last lacy washcloth - (pattern here) it looks too much like a doily, I actually enjoyed knitting this - "look family I am knitting a circle" and when I started thinking that it would look nice with a ribbon threaded around the edges, wrapped around a round soap like a little present (standard church fete fare) I needed a drink.

Flash and I went out on the bikes yesterday, following Jo's suggestion we followed the Cook's River trail, it was easy and enjoyable, the day was beautiful and the birds were everywhere. The trail follows a chain of parks forming a green corridor through the inner west, we rode from Botany Bay to Rookwood cemetary, apparently that is over 18km each way, so we were happy with ourselves. Flash spied this little guy happily eating dandelions while we rested nearby.