Thursday, March 01, 2007

The adventures of Flash part 5

Flash mentioned recently, that perhaps you - gentle reader, were missing reading about his exploits, his faults, foibles and cockamamie schemes. I replied - yeah, probably NOT, but then recalled that he had actually received a bit of fan mail in the past, so agreed to a couple, over a few posts.

This post is about "the car", better known as "the beast"
see the car, see it's aerodynamic styling, see it's sporty black beauty, see all the bits that hang off the bottom of it and force my husband to take 2 hours to cross a speed bump becuase he has inch clearance.

see the driveway, it is steep and a bit bumpy

see the road, also steep, narrow and with crappy tarmac that peels off as soon as he puts his foot down - no traction.

see the nice sensible LandRover parked at the top of the drive, it loves the narrow, steep, windy roads, it thinks The Car is a wimp and teases it mercilessly.

see my dumbass husband's car parked on the grass because he can't get it up the darned driveway.

Flash and I chose our cars soon after arriving home, we knew what our driveway looked like, we were under no illusions as to it's steepness, I bought a LandRover (but that's another post) and Flash bought a Holden Club sport blah blah, he raved on about how no two are the blah...I kinda stopped listening around the time he said "car", and then I saw it...and realised that it was not made for a driveway like ours. I may have made a few comments, read him his horoscope, impugned his family tree, but it made no impact - the man loves The Car, his friends love The Car, his staff love The Car (surprisingly the girls in this house do not love The Car)

The Car would not go up the driveway, not forwards, backwards, angled, no matter what the car would not go up the driveway.
Flash concreted a little ramp onto the corner of the driveway, so that he could park on the grass verge - good idea, park on the grass verge in Waitakere - West Auckland - Hoon heaven, that car would be boosted before you could say "bogan".
But Flash was onto it, the solution was easy apparently...we just had to remove the letterbox (it is behind me in the picture), then he could swing onto the verge, then back up the driveway - simple really...yep.

And that is what he did, now every morning after he leave I replace the letterbox so that essential services, friends and family can find us, and every evening I remove the letterbox so that he can park. This weekend darling you know what you are doing - repositioning the letterbox!