Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday round up

Bubblegum pink and lime green wool on anodised purple needles...I think I am in need of a Lara fix...phew lucky she is coming to Auckland today!
Working on a soaker (pilch) pattern for new knitters, gotta make them eyecatching!

things I love about moving back to Auckland #1
the walk from our local cafe and shopping precinct to the carpark is through native bush, not recently planted shrubs but acres of old growth bush.

Bad; when the pool workings have not suffered any maintainence over the past 5 years or so, and the Pool man tells you that the spa heater is the type that Insurance companies have listed as "you are not covered if your house burns down because of this spa heater"

Good; when the Pool man quickly, quietly and very reasonably replaces all of the problem components, co-ordinates various tradesmen, and gives you peace of mind (and a solar heater which finally works) for half what you thought it was going to cost.

I am returning to paid employment part-time, my previous employer has made me an offer which I would be silly to refuse, it will be nice to spend a couple of hours a day with my old colleagues, I worked with the best people, plus the job is "all care, no responsibility" and just for a three month contract.

Finally there is Knitting group progress, the cafe I had organised for us to meet in was bought out by Burgerfuel (who do make the best burgers on the planet) but I was still bummed because it was a nice cafe and the owners were very supportive.

I had a chat with Jo from the Packing shed cafe, who would love us to meet there, Jo's Mum was a Singer knitting machine tutor, and is trying to get Jo and her sister knitting for preemies for the hospital, she is digging patterns out for us in case anyone else wants to help out.

The Packing shed is exactly what it sounds, an old orchard packing shed in Oratia, the cafe is full of artworks for sale, comfy tables, chairs and sofas, seating under the trees outside, and plenty of parking.

First meeting Sunday 1 April(not joking!) between 2pm and 4pm, partners and kids are welcome, there is a great curios store next door, and Artisan winery cellar door on the same property, which should keep husbands occupied for hours. I'll be the one knitting, probably towards the back of the cafe where the larger tables are.Click this link for the address and map. Do not be shy, just come along with any knitting, pull up a chair and have a coffee.

Isn't this beautiful? I bought it from the Craft shop/newsagent down the road from me...the Russian owners bought the newsagent a year ago, and are slowly turning it into a craft shop, they are passionate about carft work, and make felt sculptures themselves. This pony and some other dolls and toys are sold on behalf of the makers in Tajikistan, it is nice that NZ dollars are appreciated somewhere!

Have a good friday!