Tuesday, March 27, 2007

trans-tasman relations

Sunday evening Blaise and I braved the traffic (all 2o cars) and picked Lara up from outside Sky City, where she was loitering and spying on stranger's knitwear. Unfortunately I was unable to really show her the sights, as it was dark, but we trundled through Titirangi village, and I waved at the darkness and told her that was all dense bush, and where the twinkling lights ended was the beach.

Flash barbequed, and we managed to rustle up some vegetarian fare (not that hard because Blaise is "one of them") Lara is a delightful and entertaining guest, and we ended up blathering for hours on my workroom, drinking tea, eating Tim Tams and spoiling Frasier. The cat who would not sit still, wriggles and whinges when cuddled, finally snuggled up in Miss Lara's lap, and got very comfy thank you.

There is magic when worlds collide, Lara I know how incredibly busy your schedule has been since you arrived in NZ, and am so grateful that you demanded time out to visit us.