Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday round up

  • The view from my workroom window this morning, Titirangi means "fringe of heaven" in Maori, because of the fog - they say that it's it's where heaven touches earth.

I suppose I should call it "the studio" sounds more professional than "the workroom" we'll see if I can maintain the word. We are loving this room, we have divided it by building a half wall from IKEA Billy bookcases - so there are bookcases on both sides, Flash has a lovely old desk in one corner for his home office, and the entertaining corner is on his side also, as is the wireless router, so that's where Blaise sits as her laptop does not have wireless, my side is all business! I love the evenings when the three of us sit up here together, gentle breezes wafting through the open doors, chatting and listening to podcasts or music as we work away individually, it's very productive.
  • Flash's birthday was on monday - everyone has taken the "I want the patio to look like Mexican cantina" comment to heart, he was overwhelmed with old tin signs and light garlands - I bought him a set of traffic lights, and something else which I will show photos of this weekend.

  • The Knit Rangers are away! meeting this Sunday at The Packing Shed cafe between 2 and 4pm, we are going to meet fortnightly, I am really excited, I have had 3 RSVPs so far, and hope that some others just turn up on the day.

  • Work is going well, this is probably the last thing I will mention about it, as the blog is public and my work is too, so it's probably a breach of the code of conduct for me to say anything, suffice is to say that I am happily "helping people" (to quote Lara) 4 hours a day, it leaves plenty of time for knitting, and is a nice social outlet.

  • I know I haven't shown you any knits for a while, there have been heaps of things in the pipeline, and many have been discarded along the way, one day I may be brave enough to show you the "ideas that did not make it", I am working with some Perino at present, and it is just heavenly - yummy!

If it weren't for your yarn stash where would you be?

You'd be in Champion or Tapestry

and you would be very low on cash (that's penury)

if it wasn't for the stash in your cupboard

Ummmmm yeah, I'll leave it to the experts!