Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday round up

In which your blogger fills up a post with miscellaneous musings that wouldn't fit anywhere else.

Item 1: I love my friends - Ailsa, Donna, Donni and Sharon banded together for my birthday and bought me the contents of my Amazon wishlist - sneaky chickies! It was all knitting of course, and I was blown away. ( I was also very nervous when I saw the Post Office lady bringing out the Amazon boxes - I tried hard to remember an online buying frenzy, for a moment I thought I had Amazon amnesia) Now I am knitting socks on 2 circs and nodding in agreement as I read the Opinionated knitter - thank you.

Item 2: This landed in our living room, it is very big, 10 cm long (that's Charlotte's hand) it is a NZ giant bush dragonfly, and I have never seen one before in my life...didn't even know they existed. After the obligatory rescue from the cats and placing on the table for a photo, it was put in a tree where it remained for a few hours before moving on. I emailed a photo to Flash at work - his PA reads all emails first - I wonder what her response was!
Item 3: Tippett's nursey 134-136 Williamson Ave,Grey Lynn, Auckland, Phone 09-376 4756has a few Curry Plants for sale (Murraya Konigii) these are the green curry leaves, also known as Kari Patta, and essential to my favourite Chicken Kohlapuri recipe. Every other nursery I have visited have said "no, no, no - they don't grow in NZ" they do...but short of stalking Indian people, they are very difficult to get hold of. (I mention this here as anyone who knows me well, knows the depth of my passion for these aromatic leaves) I am trying to grow some from curry leaf stems purchased from the Avondale market, but it's not looking good, so I am the proud owner of two little curry trees from Tippetts. note: Frasier has realised how much the curry trees mean to me - he has made it his mission to seek and destroy, he has been banished from the upstairs deck.
item 4: wonderful surprise arrival of yarn from Tai Tapu, this is a thickish (5 ply weight) superwash merino in natural cream, not certified organic, but raised according to organic principles. Look at the lustre in this swatch - yummy!
Item 5: Flash is away (I'm in Hong Kong buying you a new camera - in the teenage WOW, metafilter etc lingo...don't ask) so the girls and I went shopping last night, I know that I had said that I wasn't buying myself anything this year - apart from the absolutely necessary...well yesterday morning I awoke to find that Flannelette pjs and a warm dressing gown and slippers were very necessary indeed. We are all set for a friday night in with pizza and movies!