Tuesday, May 01, 2007

a numbers game

we have a winner:

Frasier was born on the 15th of November 2006. MohairPink - email me with your postal address and the book will be in the post.

I am reading a beautiful book "The nine emotional lives of cats" Jeffrey Masson lives in Auckland, and goes for walks on the beach with his cats (he is a "dog person" too)the book is very good for counteracting those "it's just cupboard love" comments. I thought I knew a lot about cats, but have learnt so much from his gentle observations.Frasier loves me so fiercely, won't leave me alone, squawks when I leave the house, know that I am leaving by the jangling of my keys...but when I feel like a cuddle...he'll just glance at me and keep on doing whatever it is he wants to do...and now I understand why.

the latest addition to my wardrobe - the Georgia Hoodie from Threadless, how could I not? I need some knitting themed doubleknit to wear to a knitting festival - not this one I'm afraid - the only attraction is James, and lovely and talented as he is, it's too far and too much money for what it is. However I am thinking about attending this one - the machine knitting festival, there are some interesting and talented speakers attending, and some great field trips, however I really should be head down saving money for our trip in October, it's another of Flash's work trips, and regretably involves a lot of rugby - which I am trying hard to tolerate, but apparently I won't be allowed to take my knitting to the games...(we'll see about that)to make the rugby side more palatable to me (I don't really have a choice of wether or not I go...we like our lifestyle...as the boss's wife there are sacrifices I have to make) we are having 3 days in Singapore alone together (our next favourite goodtime town after Sydney)then the 10 days in Paris and the Loire Valley with 40 of Flash's customers for the Rugby world cup (the trip is called "Rugby and Romance" - we are in Paris for the rugby and the Loire Valley for the romance - from the look of the schedule the events co-ordinator obviously has romance confused with wine) then 3 days alone in England - 2 in London, and 1 in and around my home town of Gloucester for a spot of nostalgia and 2 more days in Singapore on the way home. I have had expert help putting together an itinerary, now we are just working on Flash's french (he had to call me from the Metro last time he was there, he couldn't get out! he was on his cellphone - I'm saying "sortie, sortie" poor baby!)

The blue blob update - I have reached the yoke, and have taken your advice Mary, I no longer have the chiselled collarbones required for the wide neck look, I'll be increasing the decreases to end up with something slightly more discreet, loving the calmness of the stst, something that I can't stuff up...(there have been monumental stuff ups)