Monday, July 23, 2007

caught in a web of time

Firstly “Hi” to the new readers who came here from Mums on Top, now that you guys are tapping straight into my blog I’ll have to pull my socks up and provide more knitting content! But for now I’ll take a minute now to re-introduce myself and the cast of players who feature here from time to time.
I’m Justine, late 30 something, working part time in an office and fulltime on my line of baby clothes “Just Jussi” (we do not speak of the first job here on the blog!).I have a predilection for designer skirts, Doc Martens and cute cardis (however have never managed to knit one for myself that I like) and spend my “spare” time designing and knitting baby clothes even though our kids are all over 16. My husband “Flash” and I have 6 kids between us (3 each – yes we’re the Brady Bunch), and raised the younger 5 girls together, 3 have left home and now we only have Blaise and Maria who are in their final years at school, Frasier our ADHD Bengal kitten, and Frasier’s cat Layla – a lovely, placid moggy.
We live amongst the bush clad hills of the Waitakeres in the wild west of Auckland, a magical place with restorative powers for those with hectic schedules – the bush, the birdsong and the really great coffee.

My blog is a running commentary to my life, from the knitting perspective, from time to time you will hear of my children’s accomplishments or my husband’s adventures, but mostly it’s me and knitting, and how the knitting is winning. Occasionally I delve into other crafty pursuits such as toy-making or felting, but then dash back to the comfort of the needles and yarn.

So - back to our regular posting:
I have slipped into some kind of time vortex where every hour of your time = 2 hours of mine, I do not have enough hours in the day and have been thinking frantically to find out where I lost them – it’s Monday and I didn’t do a Friday round up, too late now of course, and then I look at bloglines and it is enough to make me want to scream out loud STOP THE BLOGGING! People, I want to catch up! there is so much exciting stuff happening out there in blogland, but I just can't take it all in!

I try to plan, I make lists, I even sorted out a filing system for all of the different things I need to complete, start, think about…and then I forgot to look in the folders, I lose the lists and make new ones, I have 3 day books but end up writing everything important on the back of supermarket receipts… what happened to the Mum who could juggle 5 kids uniforms, lunches, bus money, afterschool activities, an often absent business traveler of a husband and a fulltime job? See, the only answer I can come up with is physics, temporal/spatial relations, quantum physics has the answer - string theory… a thread of yarn from the beginning to the end…I’m knitting my life and my gauge is wrong.

Today finally I feel like I have made some progress…little parcels sent out across the globe and a visit to the bank, all before work, and now dinner is in the oven, the washing is up to date and I managed to find a 60cm 3.25 mm circ at the LYS (no pink or green cotton though…that would be pushing it) the cotton? To complete the yellow blob – call that the hated yellow blob…I was coping with the colour until I realized that the laws of physics and knitting were against me, and my dream of box pleats knitted the way I wanted to knit them…would never be realized…I was and still am, slightly shattered…the dream is dead, but the dress needs to be finished, so I shall continue to hope that it looks almost as good as the original in my head.

Thank you to the lovely girls who have nominated me as a Rocking girl blogger, very sweet and I would nominate you back, but you are rocking girls already!

Ok, ticked off my list, next is to update the Knit Rangers site… and then TDFKAL knitting…may the force be with me.

Ravelry placing update, I am now at #1569, I have calculated that they are inviting 100 people a I'm expecting my invitation a fortnight this wednesday...let's see if I'm right.

and finally - a kitty photo - Frasier trying to decide wether to go for the yarn or the fabric piles...(Layla is the black blob at the bottom of the photo...trying to insinuate herself between the wall and the shelving unit) The cats aren't allowed in the workroom, so of course when they manage to get in - they think it's Christmas, so many toys!