Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday round up

and boy am I glad!

- I have so much knitting to catch up on and have had so little time, there's the hourglass sweater (the blue blob), my TDFKAL wrap (the black blob) and the secret knitting (the yellow blob) I'm scared to pull all of my wips out, I know there are 3 different socks, a cushion cover and a lace shawl hanging out in the workshop somewhere - and I'm feeling guilty about every single one of them, they are holding me back - I have to either rip or knit and get them out of here!
- I have no photos, old story - Flash has taken the good camera and the batteries, the good camera has photos of our neighbourhood Kakariki parrots (a bit like Rosellas - very bright and flashy) and the black blob - I hope he doesn't wipe them, the parrots don't often sit still enough to photograph.
- The weather in NZ has been diabolical, a weather bomb detonated over the North of the North Island, please join me in sending thoughts to Eclair from Mad Hair day, whose home was hit by the last big storm in March, hopefully her family fared better this time, and everyone else up there who are still isolated and without power. One of our great living treasures - a huge Kauri tree named Te Matua Ngahere was damaged during the storm as well. Our Prime Minister is suggesting that some small towns may have to be moved, as it is obvious that global climate change is affecting flood patterns.
- Quelle horreur!
New Zealand is erecting a giant blowup replica rugby ball next to the Eiffel tower during the rugby world cup - apparently it will showcase all that is great about New Zealand - obviously what these people think is great about New Zealand does not include aesthetics, design and style -it looks like a giant kiwi egg. I understand that this is a "great opportunity" for NZ Tourism, but it is still bloody ugly. I'm tempted to take a pin with me when I visit the Eiffel Tower. One of our esteemed politicians - when asked if it was a permanent structure that would have to be destroyed when the promotion finished replied "no, it's inflatable - like a blow up doll"... classy.
- this weekend I am going to do the same as my knitting - blob, I am going to sit and knit and wait for my Ravelry invite - I'm missing out on all the fun - even my patterns are there enjoying themselves without me!
- ooh, ooh and finally - it's "French Day at French bay" 10-3 this sunday this monthly market is going to be extra special due to Bastille Day on Saturday.