Tuesday, July 10, 2007


this abandoned birds nest has sat in our camellia bush since we moved into this house, and is remarked upon by everyone walking past - well - was, the weather has been horrendous here for the past 2 days, today we have wind gusts up to 140 kph, and Flash was white knuckling it as he drove over the harbour bridge -anyway, back to the nest...I watched this morning as it was blasted from it's perch and driven down the road by a sudden gale, had a quick inhalation as I realised the temporary nature of existence, then exhaled at the thought of how much needed doing in weather like this...I've been outside and tidied away everything that could be damaged or cause damage in the wind, and we're battened down again with the roraing fire and the hot chocolate (white this time with an extra dash of vanilla) the wind is literally howling, the cats are huddled together, I'm willing the roof to stay put and yet more bread is baking (just can't help myself in this weather)

My Tour de France wrap tore out of the starting blocks, I'm making good time, but seriously it is just black stocking stitch with a garter st border, not difficult! the fun will come on the real mountain climbs, needlefelting the design onto the wrap - stay tuned.

Visit the Lovely NZ site that Charlotte has set up, if for no other reason than to look at the lovely pictures or to plan your trip downunder.

The Titirangi Tatler article increased our Knit Ranger numbers, we had 2 new women turn up on sunday and I have had 10 phonecalls, I am slightly concerned that we will overflow the table at our next meeting! It is wonderful to meet new people, and having shared interests make the conversation flow easily - more on the Knit Ranger's site