Monday, July 16, 2007


working fulltime this week - and already missing part-time, saw 4 x my usual number of appointments, although I am only working an extra 2 hours a day - hmmm don't know how that works!

this is another bitser post - and I am sending you off to listen to something that I haven't listened to myself yet! a radio interview with Margaret and Christine Wertheim the women who crocheted? the Great Barrier reef, it was at 10.08 this morning - thanks Mama for the link.

can't find the camera, Flash returned yesterday (though if you blinked you missed him!) I think the kids will see him again tomorrow evening, but it will be nice to have that body in bed next to me, even though I will probably be asleep by the time he comes home tonight - then he is off on all sorts of adventures all week and saturday - and the same the following week - he is becoming a sunday Dad, but I'm coping ok as the solo mum! He'll have a few days off when this work stuff is over, I think I may too. Knitting progress: black blob - bigger, yellow blob - bigger, blue blob - stagnant. Kakariki parrot sightings - nil.

Haloscan seems to be ok so far (despite the banner thing - I do miss my banner)if anyone has any ideas as to how I can get it back please feel free to email me.

I checked out my place on the list at, theres a long way to go....2271 people ahead of me...but 8744 people behind me.