Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I know this much is true...

I have been a negative whiny pain in the arse lately, between the kidney infection, and constant colds, I have become run down and grumpy, so, I have given myself a good talking to:

I will not always live in Oz, so I should damn well make the most of living in this Paradise, and quit missing Godzone (NZ).

I used to work with people who couldn’t work due to illness…not working is more stressful than working, so I need to suck it up or sort it out.

Our kids, my 3, his 2, our 5…we brought them up to be sassy, stroppy, independent young women, so why am I feeling like I have abandoned them…when they are doing what they were brought up to do…and succeeding!

I’m too fat…lose weight, otherwise shut up and buy bigger clothes!

Spring is here, get out in the sunshine and buck up kiddo!

Mag round-up
Knitty – Ella, hands down. I have been wanting to knit a shawl for ages.
Magknits – the "crime of fashion" scarf…with a “police line do not cross” motif…for Charlotte
The new australian Yarn magazine…welcome to our world. This mag promises to be sharp and styley.
The latest issue of "Creative Knitting" is out, I'm afraid I only bought it for the articles (lol) they have brought the magazine to a slightly higher standard than it was, but will have to work harder with "Yarn" at their heels, Ailsa's article is hilarious. (check it out they are discussing Clapotis in the forum there) The Creative knitting crew need to work smarter, many of the links on their stockist page are either non-existent or wrong, which just looks unprofessional.

And to end on a much more positive note than where I started...

Many of you know about my youngest daughter Blaise, living with congenital spinal defects, partially rectified by spinal fusion. So, she signs up for kickboxing...I am dubious, Flash's co-worker does kick boxing and is always breaking some part of her anatomy...I drive Blaise to the local PCYC (like the YMCA, run by the police...great idea) I hand over the completed membership form and $5, he reads through what I have written in the "does your child have any health issues we need to know about" section, and smiles..."you happy for her to do this?" he asks, "does it involve person-on-person contact?" I reply "nope just person-on-bag!"
I say "can't wrap them in cotton wool" and he replies " many people try, and it is really just a prison, your'e a good parent letting her test her boundaries"
I felt like a kid (in a good way) a police man had just given me a gold star!