Saturday, September 03, 2005


So, I am sitting at the knitting machine, and I notice a drip, drip, drip...go into the kids bathroom, check the taps...nope, push the shower head down, a trickle of water escapes...ok,
sit down, drip, drip, drip...check the kids toilet, taps off...toilet not leaking...drip, drip, drip, ( I'm feeling like I am reading a children's story right about now) on the ceiling of the kids toilet...hmmm, back to the knitting machine...aha! water on the floor, water on cones of yarn (NOOOOOOO) water in a document box...I look up ( the ceiling is about 20 ft high) and see a crack in the plaster, quite faint, and dripping water. Grab yarn, move books and machine, grab towels, scream for Flash, he rings the super, while I go downstairs and buzz the apartment above us...not home...
The super comes and has a look at the damage...must have been building up for a while he says, we figure from the position, that the leak is in their kitchen pipes, the super goes off to call his boss and check for keys, finally the owner comes home...its the washing machine, it has been flooding for a while "but I didn't think it would cause any damage" people live below you sweetheart...water travels down! (slaps forehead) I didn't hassle her about the is acrylic I bought to use as waste yarn anyway...if it had been the denim I would be inconsolable.

Flash left for NZ yesterday, he is staying in Auckland, taking customers to the rugby (insert suitable male sounds of approval) and having a great old time " the people are so friendly" he said this morning "the people are US you ninny" I replied. I haven't exactly made a secret of the fact that I miss home..have I ? it's not that I don't like it, love the heat, the action, the flora and fauna, the people, the food...but I miss my friends and family, so I am very jealous that he is there, and I am I have ameliorated my feelings by spending money( as you do)

I bought the pattern for this:

from here by Paypal ( have just joined and am loving it!)
I looked at the Artyarn Regal, and it is beautiful, but couldn't find a colourway to suit me in this garment, so I ended up going to Elann and buying 26 balls of Peruvian baby silk in black to make the corset with full length sleeves, ( here is an example, but I'll make them straight) as a winter evening top, I think it will great with a long full skirt, I have one from Verge in olive taffetta and black net in vertical stripes which will team up nicely.

The week has been a hectic one, the boss left on friday for 5 weeks overseas, so I am in need of some quiet and relaxation. SSK this afternoon, DVDs and Thai with the girls tonight, I want to fit in some (light) cleaning, a bubblebath and lots of knitting...still have Imogen's last sleeve waiting for me.