Sunday, September 04, 2005

More rain...

though luckily not inside this time!
It is raining here in Sydney, for the first time in ages, and boy did we need it, I am enjoying standing at the open door and smelling the refreshing scent of rain, instead of fumes and grime, and it has been a perfect excuse for us to stay indoors, in our jammies, the kids with their books, and me with my knitting.

I have managed to get a lot done today, bacon and eggs for breakfast with the kids, a long long bubblebath, finished knitting Imogen , which is blocking all over the lounge floor as I write ( there is an upside to Flash being away, he would be griping and moaning about having to step over all of the towels). I have made a little knitted fortune cat out of lilac baby cashmere, he is about 5 inches high, with a face like a smiling Buddha, he is a delight, but the yarn didn’t felt, so I am going to have to find some non-machinewash wool and have another go, I was really happy with this one, it is nice that he turned out so well, next time I will make some small improvements…ahhh, I can’t wait until Flash gets back from Vietnam…to get the camera back!

On another subject, last weekend I was buying some clothes, and the sales guy said “I bet everyone calls you Bridget Jones” I smiled and said no, but thanks…now I am thinking…was it good or bad…was he saying that I look like fat tart pulled through a bush backwards…or do I look like I would be sexy in big pants? I know that I could stand to lose a few (dozen) pounds…but is it really that bad??? Or is it the English Rose complexion? In which case it is all good…and why do I care??? Oops self-esteem alert...definitely wine o'clock - time to relax in front of a dvd..."Much ado about nothing" I think, enjoy a glass of merlot, and shut out the world.