Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ruffled scarf pattern

Ruffled lace scarf ( standard gauge machine knit)

Please adapt this pattern to whatever yarn you have on hand, there are no hard and fast rules, this is just a general guideline. I knitted this for my Nana, just to arrange under a jacket, if you want to wrap it, make the centre section longer.

I used 20g Artisan laceweight yarn in “paua” and 25g laceweight pale pink.

I cast on 6o sts with waste yarn, pull all needles out and e-wrap them with paua yarn
Knit 2 rows ( tension 4 )
Commence lace pattern ( I used a small falling leaves pattern, so that I had a decorative edge)
Work 100 rows.
Change to pale pink yarn
Work 100 rows in a different lace pattern ( I used a florets lace, just a simple 4 hole flower)
Place a marker thread across each 20th row.
Cast off on waste yarn.
Work another piece exactly the same.

Graft the two ends of the scarf together.


With paua yarn follow the first steps of the pattern again, but with 120 sts, knit 10 rows falling leaf lace, cast off on waste yarn, do not remove from the machine, knit 2 paua coloured, and 2 pink coloured. You see how you use an e-wrap, you release each new ruffle, as the previous one is attached to the scarf, and the waste yarn removed.

Attach the ruffles to the scarf in the following manner:
Right side facing.Pick up sts along the width of the scarf where the colours change, use a pink ruffle (right side facing) place 2 stitches on each needle, pull all needles out to HP, knit across from right to left at Tension 10, cast of with a linker, or a latchet hook, to make a chain cast off.

Pick up stitches from the marked rows in the pink section, use paua ruffles.

As you see, this pattern is very adaptable, make it wider or longer, add more ruffles, have fun.