Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Spice girls

I have to show you the present I received upon Flash’s return home,
A cinnamon tea box…made out of a scroll of cinnamon bark, and lightly carved,(like the dragon one in the centre of the page) doesn’t look very exciting, but the scent is heaven…and the customs man said it was ok, so no fumigation YAY! This was the only thing I wanted from Vietnam (I’m a girl of simple tastes) we are big on spices in our house, our breakfast usually has cinnamon or cloves, the kids add garlic and cumin seeds to the rice they cook for an afternoon snack, nutmeg oil for sprains and strains, orange or peppermint in the burner to uplift us, lavender or sandalwood to calm.

We spent the weekend cleaning like demons (him) and lying on the couch coughing (me), the real estate agent wanted to check the broomcloset (knitting room) for damage from the upstairs leaking washing machine incident of last week, and my husband wanted to make a good impression, so we girls just stayed out of his way while he sprayed and wiped and mopped...we watched dvds, made chocolate fudge cake ( hedgehog slice in Oz), and lavender – honey biscotti ( and knitted socks) now he has the silly head cold thing that I have had for the past week, and has sent himself to bed. P.S. the agent turned up last night, and looked at the knitting room damage…she didn’t really want to inspect the rest of the apartment...she was impressed…he looked like someone had just given him a medal…cute.

I am half-way through a jellybean sock the pattern is from Wise needle,every time I look at it I think it is too wide, but when Blaise tries it on it fits fine, this is my first experience of a toe-up sock, it took a bit of getting my head around the first couple of rows, but wasn’t any more difficult than toe –down, some people have very strong preferences, I’m not fussed, that said, I haven’t got to the cast-off yet! The yarn is colori from Elann…I have not taken to the colours the way I did with their pink/purple combo.

Imogen has been sewn up, just finished the final touches, weaving in of ends and sewing on of ribbon, I pretty happy with it, but there is something,I can’t put my finger on it, it is very figure hugging…maybe the problem is not the cardi…but me…oops that’s a bit deep. I decided to go with the green ribbon, rather than the black, just felt better.

The babysilk for my Corset (with sleeves) has arrived from Elann…it is so soft, with a deep sheen, can’t wait to start, but once again, that is a “wait for the weekend” job, I couldn’t bear to make any mistakes out of fatigue.I have bough Brittany Birch straights and addi bamboo ciculars to make this the ultimate knitting experience. (Ailsa…I haven’t forgotten about the Great australasian corset-along…who else can we get to join us???)

Purchased the “One skein wonder” pattern from the gorgeous Glampyre, and Blaise has decided on some red/pink hand dyed silk noil from Ozeyarns

Behold the power of the Yarn Harlot…14 year old Blaise walks past the laptop…
”whose girl is that ?” she asks ( the picture on the screen is the Harlot’s daughter in her one skein wonder)
“ a knitter/writer from Canada, she has 3 girls too” I reply,
“nice top” says Blaise,
“want one?” I ask,
“yes please…in that pinky, reddy, shiny wool”

"do you want me to teach you how to knit"

"no Mum, I'm just an actor "slash" writer"