Sunday, September 25, 2005

little gems

I have been accused many time of not seeing the forest for the trees, sometimes I just get so bogged down by detail...this time it paid off.

Today Flash and I went for a walk around the bay from Lilyfield to Birkenhead Point and back, on the way we discovered these little guys. Can anyone identify the beetle?

Heres another shot, apparently there are 15000 species of beetle in Sydney, and it is bloody hard to photograph one when the camera wants to focus on the grass, or a line on the road...

These guys had decimated a shrub, I think they are woolly bears, they would be at home...but I am not sure, I have never seen caterpillars in such numbers.

I have written out the Fortune Cat pattern, and am testing it, so it will be posted soon because you asked so nicely Em and Mon.

I drove down to Wollongong again yesterday, spent some time with Donni, was overwhelmed at her Aladdin's Cave of yarn, and her studio...very cool, very inspiring. Then went to the SnB, and caught up with Donna and Em (above) who brought "A Gathering of Lace" along (so now I have to buy) and Ailsa, who was witty and delightful as ever, we had a great time, very much worth the drive just for the boost it gives me to keep working towards my goals.

and lastly, yes my baby came home, sweaty and happy just after midnight...I was waiting on the patio, and saw her getting dropped off by her friend's Mum, who was as bewildered as I at how fast they grow up...and since Blaise is the last of the 5...well you think I would have it figured out by now!