Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Infinity loop

Belinda spoilt me, then I spoilt Belinda, then Belinda spoilt me...ok ok you get the picture! And I think we both did a great job of pretending we didn't know. Nevermind, I had a great secret pal (I was my pal's pal...bit like I'm my own Grandpa...remember that song?)

Today was her Triumph de force

the wrapping was so cute...and boy if ever there was a day that I needed pressies, this was it.

Holly, my Christmas baby, nicked off with the embellishments and headed off to trivia night (with a boy who knits!

The cutest ornament of the season, very impressed Belinda, now I have to go buy that book

this may require some explanation:

Perky nana's - chocolate coated soft chewy banana candy, the other cool thing is my husband had something to do with their launch in NZ ...unfortunately he is away so I can't ask him (note to self....hide them from Blaise)

lush sari yarn, been wanting to play with this for ages.

Sublime stitching's transfers yummy yum, with little fortune cats (made me jump around...seriously) and sushi...I feel something interesting clothing-wise coming on.

gorgeous tiny stitch markers and a row counter engineered to hang, infinitely more sensible.

and yes you are right Belinda, Maggi onion soup mix - add a can of Nestle reduced cream, a tablespoon of malt vinegar, and leave in the fridge for an hour - there you have it - an incredibly calorific, white trash, chip dip...we will save them for Christmas!

Thank you, I loved getting to know you through your blog, unwrapping your wonderful gifts , and I really enjoyed thinking about your gifts and putting the packages together, have a wonderful Christmas.