Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A little "hi"

pop my head up for a moment to say "I'm here" just not talking much.

Isn't Christmas CLOSE! this year I am very relaxed, we are doing a big dinner, but not a BIG dinner, and because it is only the "nuclear family" we are having OUR favourites, not the things you buy because Great Aunt Gladys thinks you should. I posted a note on the fridge and the kids have been writing down their fave the menu is shaping up like this:

Big roast chicken (cook 2, one for the next day)with sage and onion stuffing - both wet and dry (Flash has "turkey trauma" from his childhood - the christmas turkey had a name and lived in the backyard)
garlic and rosemary roast potatoes, Jamie Oliver's stuffed onions, green veg and loads of homemade gravy. (take the girl out of England, but can't take England out of the girl - I have to have a hot Christmas dinner)
Mini pizzas - (pastry in muffin pans, fill with tinned spaghetti, top with grated cheese, chopped onion and bacon, bake till done - kids favourite food)
Prawns - (for me)
little loaves of bread with dips
dipped strawberries
52 cupcakes candy cane cupcakes (made by Blaise)
fruit mince chelsea buns (made by Holly)
Baked ricotta cheesecake (made by moi - because I don't like Christmas cake, last year we had a triple layer mudcake- white choc, dark choc and caramel)
Christmas pudding (which I also don't like- but have to eat because it is Christmas - so i slather it with almond butter, custard and cream)
loads of fruit - and photos of kids with cherry earrings - just like when I was a kid...

Boxing day:
Chicken and stuffing sandwiches
Chicken Korma (used to be Turkey Korma - until I met Flash and learnt about the whole ickky turkey drama)

At the moment we are making Speculaas, Christmas Biscotti, lavender and honey biscotti, and stained glass cookies. I love making Christmas cookies with the girls.

On the knitting front:
finished the Shadow box and classy slip up socks, and 2 pairs baby socks

these have all been packaged up and sent. Next project - I have finally started the silk ribbed corset (in black wool/silk) I have knitted 18 rows so far, and have only tinked 1! I will use the Knitware software to make a pattern for the sleeves, instead of knitting down from the armholes. I'm in for the long haul. As a respite form the concentration needed for the corset, I am knitting the cable rib socks from the fall IK in Fleece Artist merino.

Have made a couple of felted scarves for my Mama, one has fluffy felted "pompoms", the other has some Shibori bobbles and noro silk garden pompoms. Holly was forced to model, so please excuse the "The Unicorns - never liked you " T -shirt. If you would like instructions for the scarf - email me - Kits are also available, and will be online in the New Year.

felted laceweight with silk garden pompoms and shibori bobbles

and finally, had a play with KoolAid and some pale yellow laceweight - here is the result, "Flouro fruit salad" - planning a felted scarf with some coloured bobbles - for Holls.

so, the energy is slowly returning, am still spending half the day in bed, this 'flu really knocked me over, but the background to it is stress - stress kills, it's not just a slogan, it suppresses the immune system, and lets all sorts of nasties in. So, be calm this Christmas season, pressies online if possible ( did this for Grandparents, neice and nephew, Dad, daughter - no stress!) and shop in the evening when the supermarket is quieter, use the freezer to store cookie dough, and other baking, don't stock up immensely, the shops are open again 2 days later, you won't starve.Enjoy family and friends, make them wash up, and keep some knitting to hand!