Tuesday, December 20, 2005

sticking to the knitting

now that Christmas is under control (fingers crossed!) and the Holly-day excitement has subsided slightly, I can show that there has actually been progress:

finished sock in Trekking XXL in colourway 104, I used my "basic, know it off the top of my head" sock pattern, the cool thing about this yarn is that I can knit 3 pairs from 2 balls - gotta love that, the yarn is so soft and the melange of blues that slowly change from ice through peacock to teal are quite intriguing! As Stephanie has noted so eloquently - you can't make them match, so don't go driving yourself mad trying. (well, you can make them match...but I would prefer not to waste 1/3 of a ball of yarn looking for the right starting place) I feel for her, luckily having identical twin socks is not my personal compulsion, but I do admit to an almost pathological need to match stripes on jumpers, which has been mitigated by creating a raglan pattern,to ensure that the sleeve head and body stripes are compatible, but I tend to avoid the madness by just not knitting striped jumpers..."knitter know thyself"

Gratuitous "still sock with christmas lilies" photo...to distract you from the obvious lack of a second sock. This situation was caused by the arrival of two balls of Noro silkgarden, who attached themselves to the Fleece Artist roving and demanded my immediate attention, yes I know that the weather forecasters are making threats of 40 degree heat tomorrow...you will find me under the airconditioner knitting on this:

into thrummed mittens (now using my kitten mittens pattern - the other one was waaaay too big)...I can hear the groans, the shouts of WHY?? I'll tell you why, because in 7 weeks time, Holly will be in Christchurch, and this Mum needs to know that she has done her best to ensure that her firstborn will not succumb to frostbite. My Mama-bear instincts to protect my young are stronger than my desire to avoid fluffy wool roving sticking to me, while I knit in a tank top.

Now, a question...if your significant other buys you (the knitter) "Last minute knitted gifts" for Christmas, do you think that is is unreasonable of the the knitter to want to open it "NOW" because seriously, what is the point in getting "Last minute knitted gifts" if you cannot use it to make...some last minute knitted gifts, and is my significant other just messing with my head?

yes I know the answer - he is generous and loving man (who is buying me a Jordana Paige messenger bag for my birthday - yes honey, thats a HINT)

seen out and about:

I am loving Sockbug's christmas tree...I'm thinking felted christmas balls for next year.

52 cupcakes "Christmas series" look at those ornament cakes!

The Fred Dagg version of "We three kings" (scroll down)

We all love a secret

I think I need to re-think my priorities...new school shoes are soooo over rated, is my need for this yarn so much greater? Beautiful no?