Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

the race is over, if it hasn't been done, it won't be done, there is an awesome serenity that settles over the land at 5pm on Christmas Eve. The creme brulee cheesecake ( in lieu of Chrissy cake) is in the fridge, awaiting the subtle touch of a mini-blowtorch on it's sugar crust tomorrow, the presents wrapped, the stockings laid under the tree with care ...(where are the stockings they have had since childhood?... they are teenagers, this is what they want,I'll give up on perfection and have another wine)

my stocking - handmade by the amazing superwoman Sharon is on the tree, awaiting baubles and trinkets from my adoring husband ( yes hon, chocolates will do) and the equally wonderful Shannon's christmas CD is playing gently in the background.

Holly made pencil cases as gifts for her sisters...I am very proud.

and here are the chicks, (look it's enough that I got them all in the same clothes in the same place at the same get them smiling would be a miracle)

so, to my wonderful friends, and family - Merry Christmas, from me and mine to you and yours...and remember North America, we are hours ahead of you, you still have a chance to finish your Christmas knitting!