Friday, December 02, 2005

little chick

so the Rock Chick in the last post hasn't really changed, she is still the sweet teddy hugging, gym obsessed, bright, hardworking, talented 14 year old she was before buying the guitar and hair dye, and inside that 14 year still this 3 year old

and this 5 year old (the red and black is a bit of a theme though)

and I am so proud of her, I can see it now...we'll be rocking out to her concert which her middle sister Charlotte has organised at her big sister Holly's vineyard...

In breaking news this evening, I quit my job today, I finish up next Wednesday, I did ok, no egos were harmed, no toes trodden on, I do have an exit interview before I leave though, and I intend to be candid,so hopefully there will be positive changes for those who come after me.

AND, there has been will follow.