Friday, December 16, 2005

let the Hollydays begin!

we thought you were a beautiful baby:

we knew you were a beautiful child:

Happy Birthday Holly Louise,
what a journey, and what a person to share it with.
So you are 19...19, those are BIG numbers, the government declared you an adult last year, well this year it is my turn...this is a big year for you, leaving home for the first time, so far away that any of us in Australia or NZ will have to take a plane to reach you.
Embarking on a career that I never in my wildest dreams would be your passion - my daughter the winemaker - creativity just taking another path.

You got 2 Christmases under your belt before you had competition, from today until Christmas (the offical Holly-days)you know you will be the subject of tortured Christmas carols courtesy of your twisted sisters.

"Deck the halls with bowels of Holly" and "Mum forgot to hang you on the front door" what??? "The prettiest thing will be, the Holly that you see on your own front doooor"

You wear it well, you are a "good big sister" and I must thank you for being easy on me...oh you were (are) so bright and aware, but questions, bug hunts and books were as much fun for me as for you, you handled complicated daycare arrangements with aplomb shepherding your sisters along too. You never caused me a moments worry, while other parents were worrying about their kids whereabouts, you were happily listening to your music, watching videos, playing sports.

The friends you have brought into our lives over the years and your ability to talk to ANYONE have impressed me and made me very proud, as your Nana says " the only thing I want from you girls, is that you have a social conscience" You know more people in Sydney than I do, and you are only here for 6 weeks a year!

I know that you will succeed in your chosen path, I am excited for your future.

I love this picture of you with your cousin Maisie,'

just wait 10 years before thinking about babies of your own!

You are now 2 months older than I was when the Doctor placed you in my arms, and wished me well.

I think I did a great job.