Friday, November 25, 2005

accidental tourist

I met Geri at Circular Quay, what joy! You know when you can just pick up where you left off, even though you haven't spoken for 6 months.
The day was warm but overcast, a perfect zoo day.
We caught the ferry and then rode the cablecar, the day was action packed already and it wasn't 10 o'clock yet!

We were delighted by the fact that many of the animals were awake and active (due to the weather) we ooohed and aahed, cooed, giggled and shrieked at the antic of the nocturnal marsupials, the platypus concerned us as he seemed stuck in an obsessive loop...or rather spin cycle, tumbling around and around in a mini waterfall.
The giraffes have the best view in the world, the harbour and Sydney skyline.

There was no knitting done, but I did show the tiger cub sock to the tiger, Opal have done well with the colours, very true to life.

Geri explored life as a desert fox

shes a good sport.

we wandered around for 6 hours, we TRIED to be systematic about it, but it didn't help that the map was upside-down! The free flight bird show was amazing, you MUST see it if you visit.

This is my favourite guy

the fishing cat, I love him.

Onwards to the Opera House, and the botanical gardens...Geri didn't know about the bats, who live in the trees...she does now! ( don't you love it when your friends get excited about silly things like bats too) a quick look at the Christmas tree in the QVB ( they need to re-think the lighting) and then home to pick up Flash, off the King St for dinner and a show...ok ok, just dinner, the show walks past the windows...I LOVE King St! we drank a bit too much, stumbled down the road for gelato, and then bundled Geri into a taxi ( yes I called to ensure she got home safe)

Today we are starting at the QVB, I don't know where we will end up, I do know it will be fun!

Anne, it sucks that you aren't here too,the three of us could have played at being "Charlies Angels" (circa 1970's)I miss you .