Sunday, November 13, 2005

a brief visit

with you is all that I can manage, Gordon's 86 year old Dad and his 70-something girlfriend were here with us for 10 days, we had 2 days alone, and then my Mama and eldest daughter Holly arrived from NZ on friday, yesterday I worked all day. I am knackered.

The 10 days were...difficult, as you can imagine, I am loathe to put too much into writing, but suffice is to say that I do not fit the expectations...I don't iron ( unless there is no way out of it) Flash and I are 50/50 on the housework, but he does most of his on the weekend, while mine is continuous, so he looks (and is ) impressive, running around with buckets and toilet cleaners, I cook during the week, he on the weekends (otherwise we wouldn't eat until 8 pm during the week) and I don't "show him enough respect"...gasp! everything I did was studied "what are you doing THET ( too broad kiwi accent for "that")for??" I came home from work one day about 1/2 way through and stopped outside my door, my heart pounding, my tummy flipping...and realised I was having a panic experience, but one I don't want to repeat. I behaved myself though, just ignored the comments and took a lot of deep breaths...there is no point arguing.
They have now moved on to stay with Flash's brother just outside of Sydney, they are happy their own words "H has foxtel", "H's wife doesn't work"...

And now I am spending a day with my Mum, not enough time by far, I am homesick again, it is great having Holly home again though, she will be here close to 3 months, plenty of Mummy/daughter time.
I will be back in a day or 2, plenty of other things have been going on, last thursday I spent the day buying goodies and making little packages up for 7 to get to the post office!

I will leave you with a picture of Blaise asleep with her teddy..."Uncle Doug" when she goes to bed she lies on her back, arms crossed on her chest, uncle doug securely tucked in underneath them, as she moves uncle doug remains constant, if she lies on her front, uncle doug is lying on her back...don't know how she manages it...the other thing I love is the way that she sleeps with her arm above her head, she did this in my tummy, and has slept like this every day of her life...