Wednesday, November 16, 2005

whats up?

well lots and I still have no time! Mama has gone back to Auckland...and I am glad, why,well my Dad has had some health problems, and they thought it best not to tell me over the I kind of wanted Mum to go straight home to be with him, I miss her like all get out, I just want to go home,aarrggghhh!

On the weekend we visited Wentworth Falls, a worthy endeavour indeed, Flash has booked a B&B ( we have Holly here now...a built in babysitter!)
there, so we can do the actual hike to the falls soon, but here is a taster, lovely time with my Mama.

And then there is the day you come home from work and find out that your sweet baby has bought an electric guitar with her savings from the part time job, and become a Rock chick!

My Mum didn't warn me about this!

as I said, a busy week, yes there has been knitting progress, the Tiger socks are almost finished, and yes there will be post office visiting on my day off if you have the suspicion that you may be receiving a gift from me...start stalking the postie!

oh, and a big THANK YOU to Ozzie customs, my Handpainted yarn took 4 days to travel from Uruguay to Australia, and has sat waiting for clearance for 16 days!!!!